This website presents the work of the viol and guitar maker Norman Myall.
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I have been a luthier making bespoke early stringed instruments for over 40 years. I studied at the London College of Furniture in the early 1970’s. For several years I was a Senior Lecturer in stringed instrument making and have taught many of today’s makers. For 10 years I was curator and repairer of the collection of instruments for hire belonging to The Viola da Gamba Society.

I have made viols for many prominent players in the UK and worldwide including Alison Crum; Richard Boothby; Bill hunt; Judy Tarling and many others. I find the shapes and forms of these beautiful instruments inspiring and love working with them. Primarily I’m aware I am crafting a tool for the musician to work with and I always aim to encourage and promote a relationship between us, in order to make an instrument that suits your individual style.

Repairs and Maintenance:

I also undertake repairs, set-ups, and bridge and sound post adjustments which may include glueing seams and cracks and making and fitting bridges, nuts, pegs and strings. I occasionally have used, second hand and collectable instruments for sale.


Example of work: carved viol heads.Example of work: bass viol bridge.Example of work: scalloped guitar back.
Example of work: carved viol tailpiece.Example of work: treble viol.Example of work: guitar after Belchior Dias.
Example of work: bass viol.Example of work: bass viol, side view.Example of work: carved viol head.

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