This website presents the work of the viol and guitar maker Norman Myall.
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Viola da Gamba and Guitars

My career in the lost art of viol making has spanned over thirty years. I began with a Quaker schooling, which led me to a Heals of London apprenticeship. This was then followed by an early stringed instruments course at the London College of Furniture which led on to me becoming a senior lecturer for over ten years teaching the techniques of instrument making.

I began by making Lutes, Viols and Early guitars in conjunction with Anthony Rooleys Early Music Centre (Holland Park). This has led me to work on a variety of different styles, from the early Renaissance designs of Giovanni Maria, Gaspar da Salo, Antonio Siciiliano, to the classic designs of English makers John Rose, Henry Jaye and Richard Meares, as well as the final developments of the later French viols (Nicholas Bertrand and Michel Colichon).

Throughout my life I have found the shapes and forms of such beautiful instruments to be inspiring, but primarily I see these instruments as tools for their musicians. I aim to encourage and promote a relationship between myself and the musician in order to create an instrument which suits their individual style.

I have made instruments for many of today’s leading players, as well as for students at The Royal Academy of Music, The Royal Northern School and the Royal College of Music.

I have been privileged to examine many original instruments in museums and private collections. I have also researched and collected a considerable amount of material to work from.

I make instruments on commission, but will occasionally have some ready for sale. I also regularly have other second hand, vintage and rare stringed instruments available. You’re welcome to contact me if you wish to enquire about a specific instrument. Alongside making, I devote some of my time to repairs, adjustments and restorations.

Due to the ornate nature of my instruments they do vary in price; please contact me for any further details. If I have a particular interest in making a certain type of instrument I may be able to make a concession on the price.

My aim is to always provide the highest levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Norman Myall


Example of work: carved viol heads.Example of work: bass viol bridge.Example of work: scalloped guitar back.
Example of work: carved viol tailpiece.Example of work: treble viol.Example of work: guitar after Belchior Dias.
Example of work: bass viol.Example of work: bass viol, side view.Example of work: carved viol head.

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